Ukraine: bringing hope in the midst of war.

Church Planter Story

AChurch Planterand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

full of God, full of passion and full of purpose

Church Planter Story

AChurch PlanterSTORY

God to be glorified in all we do

Church Planter Story

AChurch PlanterSTORY

the community got behind the project and invested

Community Development Story

ACommunity DevelopmentSTORY

transformation will be our testimony as a community

Community Development Story

ACommunity DevelopmentSTORY

imparting his knowledge and experience

Economic Development Story

AEconomic DevelopmentSTORY


Want to explore how you can be on mission?

Do you have a dream to make a difference? Well, now you can! You can be the difference and bring transformation to the nations and influence a generation in Jesus’ name. At Metamorphic we are here to help empower you to be that agent of Transformation. Welcome to the Metamorphic Zone, where we laugh at the impossible and then do it.

Near Miss Encounter with Mother Hippo

AChurch Planterand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

An Unexpected Visit

AChurch Planterand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

Opportunity in Africa – South Sudan

AChurch PlanterSTORY

Our Purpose

At Metamorphic, we are passionate about the Church. ​

The church is made up of amazing people just like you and we are privileged to partner with so many to empower them to be the difference and ensure that every community around the globe is impacted for good by the power of a loving God and committed group of Christians – the church. Here are their stories.

Our work

Growing the Kingdom through community development


Investing in Church Planting returns more than you think.

Community Development

Our focus is first and foremost on people, not just projects.

Economic Sustainability

Breaking the poverty cycle is crucial to creating a better world for everyone.

Holistic Development​

Finding the intersection is the key to our impact.​

what are you waiting for?

Be a part of the transformation

The Metamorphic community is made up of a myriad of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures whom are committed to the cause of Christ. People from every generation who are passionate about the planting of Kingdom churches in every community around the globe. Jesus is building His church and now is our opportunity to be a part of the church planting movement and bring transformation to our world. To be a part of the movement, discover the membership opportunities and get empowered to be the transformer God purposed you to be. 

“Ask of me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession”

Psalms 2:8