Our Commitment

Our values shape us

Our values or culture shape our current reality and determine our future. These values have a sound that either attracts or repels people. It’s how tribes are formed, successful companies forged and strong families created. 

The Metamorphic culture is deliberate, it’s our DNA it’s how we make decisions, it defines not only our language but also our action. 

Many people get caught up with what they do, but our Metamorphic community is more focused on who we are. When we know who we are, we can move forward with purpose and confidence toward Gods plan for our lives.


Fill in your details and we will send you the Metamorphic Church Planting booklet. This booklet will give you the information you need about why planting kingdom churches is so important and effective.


Once Off

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Once Off
  1. Gifts to approved Global Development Group Projects in partnership with Metamorphic over $2 are tax deductible.
  2. No non-development activities are undertaken using tax deductible gifts.
  3. Our projects are typically designed in such a way that the activities can be implemented incrementally, regardless if a fundraising target is met or exceeded. However, if excess funds are still received, they may be applied to other approved project activities. [example: if the project was to raise funds for 3 wells, but only raises enough for 2 wells, then only 2 wells will be completed.]
  4. Reasonable effort will be taken to use the donated funds according to the donor’s preference. However, the project manager will make decisions in regard to implementation that are in the best interests of the project outcomes based on the stage of the project. (example: if a different water solution will help more people that option will be chosen at the time)
  5. Please Note: All of the reports that the donor/donors will receive will reflect the above and accurately account for the results.