An Unexpected Visit

AChurch Planterand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

We’ve shared some of Winnie’s stories before.

She is part of our Meta Church program, meaning she’ll run programs and train church planters herself.

Winnie oversees 39 churches that she has planted, with 1569 people saved!

It has not been easy for her or the new Christians. Many are persecuted, beaten, imprisoned, or have had their house set on fire. But God has blessed them to be a blessing to the community around them!

Not only has Winnie planted churches, but she has had a transformational impact on her community through business and community development too!

Her current businesses involve making and selling bags and jewelry. She has seen success in this area and is now training others to do the same – helping see poverty broken forever in that community! Winnie is an entrepreneur who plans to start an additional mushroom business to help fund local projects.

The impact God has had through her is immense! Word has gotten around Uganda to the point where unexpected visitors showed up at our training. A Muslim Member of Parliament and a member of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council came to visit us in Kampala! They came to thank Winnie and Metamorphic for empowering her in all that she does in the community. They even invited Metamorphic to run training in their area!


Cameron Doolittle – Director, Giving Partners


Ps Heang You – Bung Village Cambodia

AChurch Planterand Community Developmentand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

Ps Daniel Cannone – Vineyard Church


An Unexpected Visit


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