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The Story of Pastor Kin Khon and his wife Sin Theng from Cambodia is one of incredible transformation, as they have paved the way for one of the true great moves of God. Both Khon and Theng were bought up as traditional Buddhists and became Christians when their son Surin shared the gospel with them not long after the Pol Pot regime was overthrown. One of their eight children had perished during the genocide and now as the nation began to re-build so too did their family.

During the 1980’s all of Khon and Theng’s children began to follow Christ and today most of them are in ministry. In the early 1990’s Khon planted a church in Takeo province Cambodia and as a family they began to outreach into the community. One of Khon’s challenges was the limitations of the church model that he had experienced. He had a passion for people and his community, but the traditional Sunday centric church model didn’t help achieve what he was called to.

In 2003 with a church numbering about 50 people Khon travelled to Phnom Penh at the invitation of his son Surin, to attend a church planting boot camp with Metamorphic. The speaker at this twelve-day event re-calls, “Khon was considering his future but as God took a hold of him, I could see that not only did his countenance change, but dreams came alive in Him, and it was clear that he had been transformed”. “I remember thinking, this man is going to do something amazing for the Kingdom”. And he did! As Khon returned to Takeo province, full of God, full of passion and full of purpose he committed to bringing transformation to not just his village but the whole province.

Khon and his family planted another church, and it grew rapidly and then another and another. Every church they planted grew quickly, with hundreds experiencing the saving grace of Jesus as they heard the gospel for the first time. Khon began interacting in a new way in the communities, as he sat with village leaders and identified needs and collaborated to provide solutions and empower people to improve their lives. He started coaching people on farming practices and so local people began to flourish and prosper. The churches began to identify ways of helping local communities, solving sanitation and hygiene issues by partnering with villages to construct wells and provide filtration options. Schools that had never had latrines now did as he created partnerships between the churches, the communities, and the schools.

Over the next few years Khon would initiate sanitation and hygiene solutions in more than 100 communities, saving thousands of lives and helping people become more productive. With water borne disease declining children are in school, farmers are in the fields and the province is prospering.

Khon and his team have enormous influence across the province as they focus on serving people and helping them know God, helping them break the poverty cycle and helping them find and fulfil their purpose.
Khon and his family have now planted more than 100 churches with over twenty-thousand people converted and now in church.

Khon and Theng have 18 grandchildren, every one of them walking with God. Their son Surin is a member of the metamorphic board in Cambodia and their granddaughter Neardey a metamorphic team member in Cambodia – the transformation is generational.

The story of Khun and Theng is a story of transformation, a story of the transformation of their family, their community, and their province. The legacy they have already created will continue long into the future. Khon and Theng continue to be a blessing as they live out the revelation that they are called to pastor a community and not just a church. Their focus on building Kingdom churches began when they decided together to laugh at the impossible, and then do it.

This is their story.


full of God, full of passion and full of purpose

Cameron Doolittle – Director, Giving Partners


Ps Heang You – Bung Village Cambodia

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Khon and Theng


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