Near Miss Encounter with Mother Hippo

AChurch Planterand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

Pastor Linus is from Northern Uganda. He is a schoolteacher, pastor, and father who fishes in the Nile to provide for his family.


One day when he was fishing, a hippo started to approach him. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen a hippo while fishing, but there was a problem this time – it was a mother hippo.


The hippo was coming closer and closer. Fearing for his life, he cried to God – “JESUS!!!”


God protected him and turned the hippo away! Pastor Linus was safe.


He shared this story with us at bootcamp. He was risking his life to provide for his family.


During bootcamp we took him and the other church planters on a farm visit. They were inspired by different ways they could use the resources around them to provide for themselves and their communities.


Pastor Linus had the idea to start fish farms and raise goats, as there was plenty of water where he lived. He was so excited to return to his community and apply all he had been learning!


Cameron Doolittle – Director, Giving Partners


Ps Heang You – Bung Village Cambodia

AChurch Planterand Community Developmentand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

Ps Daniel Cannone – Vineyard Church


Near Miss Encounter with Mother Hippo


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