Ps Heang You - Bung Village Cambodia

AChurch Planterand Community Developmentand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

Pastor Heang You was saved in 1998. He was a village leader in the Bung Village and one of the first village leaders to become a church planter in Cambodia.

Pastor You took the training he received and truly transformed his village and others around him. He planted multiple churches and conducted many community development initiatives, always looking to serve the people around him.

As a village Leader, Pastor You had an unprecedented opportunity to influence the community and the government in his district. In fact, he worked closely with government officials and achieved several large projects in several communities as a result.

Before the Metamorphic training, Pastor You said that he had done many seminars but only learnt spiritual development. He would go out and share the gospel with villagers, but he saw they needed practical help too.

After the training, he started to do things differently. He went to plant a church in a new village so went initially to the community leaders. They welcomed him planting a church and said that they would attend meetings. The village leaders even invited the community to join. Pastor You got to preach the gospel to them all.

On top of this, he started his own business raising pigs. This helped him be self-sustaining and gave opportunity to help other locals to also start businesses. He trained them in starting compost and fish farms in their rice fields.

Through a different approach and practical demonstrations of God’s love, Pastor You saw transformation in these communities!

Pastor You is an agent of transformation wherever he goes and a man who loves God and people.

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Cameron Doolittle – Director, Giving Partners


Ps Heang You – Bung Village Cambodia

AChurch Planterand Community Developmentand Economic DevelopmentSTORY

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Ps Heang You - Bung Village Cambodia


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